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As a teenage misfit you are an unlikely protector of Star Valley and its inhabitants.  The town’s noticeable increase in supernatural activity intrigues you. Strange creatures have arrived; just out of sight for you to discern their true ghastly nature.  Then, classmates began disappearing with no foreseeable return. Other Star Valley residents don’t seem to care or notice the change. But you know something is wrong and that these disturbances don’t bode well for anyone.

So even though you loathe your parents, teachers, and peers,  you begin the grim task of investigating and destroying the weirdness that lurks in alleys, fast-food joints, and your high school.

Star Valley needs you. 

Created by Anthony Meloro, Mystic Punks is a role-playing game that is indebted to “Old School” RPGS from the 70’s and 80’s.  You are a Punk practicing dark Majick and charged with being your town’s savior.  Can you and your rough comrades stop the Xofl invasion? Or will these otherworldly monstrosities claim your soul before consuming all of Star Valley?

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Mystic Punks Bi-monthly Newsletter
Mystic Punks Bi-monthly Newsletter
Mystic Punks Bi-monthly Newsletter