Omen Sacrifice Decks are designed specifically for Mörk Borg under the Third Party License. As the name suggests, these are Portents that a PC can obtain in exchange for one of their Omens, a character-specific game mechanic in Mörk Borg. Beyond that, each deck functions in a slightly different way but still uses a simple two-step process that doesn’t slow the pace of a game session down.

Portents of the Degloved Hand

Originally on Kickstarter In the spring of 2023, this deck of 52 Portent cards is made up of four subdecks of 13 cards each. The deck drawn from is determined by a PC die roll, using the custom d4 that comes with the deck. The deck also comes with a custom four-sided d2. Thanks to the generosity of this project’s backers, the deck also includes two party-level Portent cards along with additional rules for using them.

Portents of a Dying God

The second Omen Sacrifice Deck to be produced, this is a slimmer deck of 33 cards that a PC can draw from in exchange for sacrificing one of their Omens. However, unlike Portents of the Degloved Hand, PCs only roll a die once they choose to use the Portent they’ve drawn. Each of the 33 cards includes the outcomes that are determined by what a PC rolls when they use their Portent. This deck comes with two custom “thorn” d4s, designed exclusively for this product. The deck comes encased in an A4 slipcover that holds the deck and die, a deck platform that can be used as a dice tray, a folder that can be used as a GM screen, and a Mörk Borg one-shot adventure.

Portents of a Dying God Walk Through

With Creator Matt Johnson

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