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Haunted Meat (aka Michael Pisano) makes RPG stories, comix, zines, games, patches & other dank swag for dungeon punks. Recent projects include Ranger Danger and Crawler Monster Manual #1, two (nearly unbeatable) hybrid zine-boardgames, and the OSR zines BUNKER #1 + BUNKER #2.

BUNKER is an ongoing RPG worldbuilding project made by Michael + writing partner Matthew Kopel. The world of BUNKER is inspired by their common fear of climate catastrophe, and by their shared hope for a heavy metal environmentalist utopia: an utopia populated by earth witches and druid circles, by lordless knights who pledge to serve the woods, by smiths crafting reclaimed plastics and e-waste into magical armor. The forces of evil in BUNKER are inspired by the facts of man-made climate disaster: habitat destruction, mass extinction, hubris, and greed. Rivers of necromantic goo erupt from the fractured earth. Trans-planar baddies arrive, lured to feed on emergent magic like so many extraction capitalists unearthing a new vein of coal.

BUNKER #1 & #2 out now! Issue 3 coming Fall 2020. All things BUNKER are made possible by our incredible community on Kickstarter.