The Burning of Carbex + PDF

A malevolent alien parasite has been freed and seeks to spread its corrupting influence far and wide.

    Carbex was once covered in lush forests, before the fire. Everything burned, except for some silverfish-like insects who fled underground.
    Millenia later, coal miners break into their refuge. About a week later, you are contacted by a nearby law enforcement agency. The Angelus Fabrica Station orbiting Carbex issued an automated distress signal after deploying every escape pod. 4 days of communication attempts without response met the persistent distress signal.

    The agency offers you a decent sum to determine the complete evacuation’s rationale and to rescue and assist, by any means necessary any remaining crew members. The Angelus Fabrica is a disaster, most of its residents having been killed or altered by the strange transformations these parasites affect in their hosts, The Creeping Perforation. Meanwhile, another disaster is careening towards a much larger population, the Sineto Chem Solutions Deep Space Factory.
    On Carbex, deep within the Sediment Hill coal mine, the parasites have coalesced horrifyingly and their minions are planning to spread across the stars.


    Consider The Burning of Carbex if you like:

    • Sci-fi dungeon crawling
    • Squashing bugs, bugs squashing you
    • A branching story based on how PCs respond
    • Large-scale disaster stakes


    • 6 new enemies and a template to make any lifeform a monstrosity.
    • 3 locations to explore (A stricken refinery station, an overrun ship, and an infested coal mine
    • A new station, the Sineto Chem Solutions Deep Space Factory, to defend or add to any existing campaign 
    • 20 Artifacts to find and use in your campaigns
    • A story branch that will affect the next chapter of the story depending on which you choose to pursue
    • Story hooks and opportunities for extended play

    Creative Team:

    • By Tim Obermueller and Trevor Obermueller

    • Art by Dustin Lincoln
    • Maps by David Glass
    • Editing by Fiona Geist

      84-pages, 8.5 x 11 book, with a three-act campaign compatible with the new 1E version of Mothership Sci-Fi Horror Roleplaying Game. Includes PDF. 

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