Outcast Silver Raiders - Player's Guide

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A blood-drenched occult medieval roleplaying game in the OSR tradition.


Outcast Silver Raiders is a distillation of the OSR in service of an occult medieval vision. The rules work within a familiar universal framework established by the world’s most popular roleplaying game and are compatible with thousands of published supplements. Play is fast and simple, focused on player ingenuity and exploration.


People who have never played a tabletop RPG pick up the rules quickly, and experienced gamers appreciate their elegance. If you love the OSR or 5E, you will love this game. If you don't know what the OSR is, this is a great place to start.

Outcast Silver Raiders is a luxury game set which includes everything a group needs to play. This listing is for the last remaining Kickstarter Edition Player's Guide copies. 


Occult Medieval Hexcrawl

The Mythic North is a full-sized setting book with over 50 hand drawn maps, six competing and interwoven factions, 10 towns full of quests and secrets, and 88 unique encounters (mostly characters, not monsters). By rolling a few dice, referees can combine the places and encounters to create thousands of hours of emergent gameplay without ever sacrificing player agency.

Occult means that magic in the world is secret, dangerous, and somewhat unknowable. This is not a fantasy setting where magic is commonplace. This world mirrors our own, where magic is forbidden and strange. Potions are rarer than crow's teeth. Wizards are terrible beings of legend. Monsters are unique and frightening.

Medieval means that the world is a fictional mirror of medieval society. The church reigns supreme and infests all aspects of life. The gentry stand above the lower classes as super human, assured of their rightful dominance by a judgmental god. Medicine means leeches and bleeding. Education is for the rich. Might makes right. The restrictions of this era breed conflict, and conflict creates great stories.


Roleplaying magic made dangerous

Outcast Silver Raiders contains twenty individually illustrated dæmonic rituals. These rituals were inspired by contemporary and historical magical ceremonies, distilling elements of Goetian, Wiccan, and hermetic magical traditions. They require the collection of strange and rare reagents and following detailed physical steps. The rituals are usable in play by any character class. They are steeped in blood and mystery, and add an occult flavor to any roleplaying game.

Outcast Silver Raiders is what the televangelists, the hack investigative journalists, and the grasping Hollywood producers imagined when they caused a satanic panic around RPGs in the eighties. Daemons. Darkness. Sacrifice. Blood spilling over cracked altars in desecrated chapels. Players portray brutal warriors, clever rogues, and conniving sorcerers who reject the barbaric theocracy of medieval society to seek fortune and glory as outcasts beyond the reach of lords or God.


The Team:

Outcast Silver Raiders is a work of singular vision from the creative team of:

  • Professional designer Isaac VanDuyn
  • Acclaimed heavy metal illustrator Kim Diaz Holm
  • Fantasy cartographer and calligrapher Lex Rocket

    Kim created all the illustrations. Lex created all the maps and hand-wrote all of the page titles in classic blackletter calligraphy. Isaac did all the writing and graphic design. This small team has created a work of dark focus.

    Player's Guide: 64 pages, 6" x 9", hardcover, anti-scuff matte finish, full color, ribbon bookmark, silver gilded page edges, 80 lb. gloss paper stock, useful tables and charts printed in the end papers, PDF included. 

    In stock!
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