Harrowings 3: Muspelhell

Harrowings: "An RPG Zine to Steal your Soul"!

Harrowings is a collaboration-based RPG Zine with Old School gaming content. It strives to help you create storytelling experiences blending the tried-and-true Fantasy and Horror genres.

Most of the game content is system-neutral, and all of it is easily hackable.

For this 3rd issue, instead of the usual format, the creators made a 112-page Old School Essentials-compatible dungeon adventure featuring Dwarves, Norse Mythology, Metal, Macho Man Randy Savage Energy, and a magical Super Ass. Literally.


  • 3 Dungeon Levels, with over 40 rooms! Curated for Challenge, Lore, and Metal. 
  • Our Dwarves are Different: Dwarf Character Generation that includes OSE Rules plus a gamut of randomly generated Dwarf-Centric stats - like Beard, Pride, Family House, and Scar. With slight mechanical benefits, and just enough charm to make their brutal deaths hurt the heart! (Insert Lich Cackle Here)
  • Solo RPG Support: Play as a squad of Dwarves, and try to best the forces of Surt on your own! Oracles provided by Alex of Blackoath Entertainment! OSE required! 
  • Heavy Metal Resource Management: You can't just go to the Portal to Muspelheim. You must bring the enchanted Iron Door and install it in order to evade Ragnarok. The Iron Door is enchanted with ancient Dwarven Runes, and the bones of the Svartalf's ancestors. It is the only hope to seal away Surtr's rage.
  • An 8-Legged Super Ass: You read that right. Ofur Asni is rumored to be the mule cousin of Sleipnir, and is the only creature that can carry the Iron Door alone. You'll have to put up with him and his old beastmaster Bimbur's asinine behavior while navigating the depths.
  • Procedural Tunnel Encounters: Navigating the tunnels of ancient dwarven mines is no silly business! Encounter Ravines, Treasure Caches, Enemies, with Quick Procedural Tunnel Encounter Generation. No two playthroughs are the same!
  • Our Trolls are Different Too! After ample research, we have discovered that Ye Olde Dee N Dee Trolls - what with the regeneration abilities and the fear of fire - aren't true to Snorri or any of what the OG Skalds had to say about the creatures. In Muspelhell, we've reimagined the Trolls to be closer to what they were claimed to be, and each Troll has various random magical abilities. THE SWALLOWERS OF THE HEAVEN-WHEEL have returned!
  • The Ever Prowling Fenris Wolf: As the Eater of Sun and Moon has so hunted and haunted us during the development of this adventure, SO TOO will you find him ever nipping at your heels! 
  • Inspired by the Norns, and... Dio? Much of the inspiration for this adventure was finding the intersection between the source material for Norse Myth, and classic 80's Heavy Metal. Enjoy the inevitable call backs and punnery that lay beneath, mocking you as your dwarves are drawn and quartered by the forces of MUSPELHELL! 
  • PDFs come with the complimentary AUTO DM SCREEN in the back - a 1 page Mini DM Screen whose tables help emulate a Dungeon Master for Solo Play!
  • Our PDF Comes in Two Styles: Single page for mobile scrolling, as well as two-page spreads for the traditional experience.


Inside you’ll find adverts sharing QR Codes and links to the many talented indie creators who worked on this project. If you liked their zine content, check out what else they’ve got waiting for you!


112 pages, A5 softcover perfect bound book, black and white printing. PDF included. 


LIMITED Muspelhell Deluxe Edition Bundle



 THE AUTO DM SCREEN (also available individually HERE!)
  • Approachable, Out-Of-The-Box Solo RPG Experience: All you’ll need to start with Solo RPG gameplay is some pen & paper, your favorite RPG system, a d6, d8, and a d12, and the AUTO DM
  • Expansive Encounter Table: Produces nearly 250 thousand approaching characters to start and move adventure hooks forward in interesting ways! Uses d12’s
  • THE ORACLE: Our robust oracle is able to answer any yes or no question for when the trail’s got you stumped. With both “and/but” clauses and twists woven in, The Oracle Knows All. Uses d6’s

8.5” x 11” Card Stock Tri-Fold Full Color Satin Brochure


  • Muspelhell “Level 2”: Should your dwarves be so lucky as to complete their quest in one piece, the Malstrom shall open up to them, and take them where they could never imagine
  • Deep Tunnel and Cavern Creation Engine: Both tunnels and caverns have several randomly generated fields, as well as at least 1 d66 table for peculiar oddities you’d find in each
  • Articulate, Mysterious Cavern Encounters: The Malstrom’s cavern encounters boast 3 different d66 tables for combat encounters, random encounters, and mysterious metaphysical landmarks - each an adventure unto itself

12 page Zine expansion to MUSPELHELL

  • Trolls, Giants, and Draugr: This bestiary focuses on these larger-than-life monsters from Norse myth, with an extensive toolbox for creating unique specimens for each one
  • 22 Empty Spaces to Fill… Bimbur’s Bestiary is largely incomplete, and features 22 slots for you to scribble down various monsters you make from the book, encounter on your journeys, or dream up for your upcoming gaming session! Includes space for doodles!

Specimens: In addition to each monster’s toolbox, there are 3 base stat blocks for different Trolls, 2 stat blocks for Giants, and 1 for the Draugr

22+ page notebook

Also check out Harrowings: From the Rime! and Harrowings 2: The Exalted Hours!

Style:Harrowings 3: Muspelhell - LIMITED DELUXE BUNDLE + PDF
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