Dead Planet

Dead Planet

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 Dead Planet is about a strange planet that sucks ships into its orbit from hyperspace and then traps them there because of a Gate that feeds off the jump drive energies (its entire orbit is cluttered with derelict ships). The gate was created a long time ago by creatures called the Gaunt from the Dead Dimension.

 It’s 48 pages long, full color, saddle-stitched, zine-sized and man did we pack a lot into those 48 pages, including:


  • A gridcrawl of the main island on the Dead Planet, five main locations and encounter tables, including a giant Necropolis (and a random generator for its buildings), and the Red Tower, an insanely dangerous five level underground bunker complex overrun with Gaunt.
  • Another gridcrawl of the Dead Planet’s moon, complete with ritual cannibal colonists, an insurrection attempt, and a table for compulsively sculpting.
  • A detailed adventure onboard The Alexis, one of the drifting ships in orbit around the Dead Planet.
  • A table of one hundred nightmares (this one is incredible and worth the price of admission alone).
  • A generator to create derelict ships.
  • A small bestiary of creatures.