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WizardThiefFighter Studio is a small outfit dedicated to the finest psychedelic metal role-playing games, good writing, and epic art. It is run by Luka Rejec, a Slovenian living in Seoul.

WizardThiefFighter is loosely affiliated with the OSR and DIY rpg movements, and familiar to connoisseurs of Old School Baroque (OSB). For over four years WTF has also been closely associated with the Hydra Coöperative.

WizardThiefFighter is behind the Stratometaship patreon, delivering books like Ultraviolet Grasslands and Witchburner. The upcoming project on the Stratometaship is Red Sky Dead City, a table-top role-playing game book that marks the moment when the struggle between two great powers ends in victory and defeat. The salting of Carthage with a dash of the pillaging of Rome.

WTF Studio also collaborates on other projects.

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Let Us In + PDF
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Witchburner T-shirt
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Witchburner + PDF
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Longwinter: Referee's Book + PDF
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Longwinter: Visitor's Book + PDF
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The Ultra Violet Grasslands and the Black City
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UVG Dice Sets
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Red Sky Dead City
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