The changes started subtly: cravings and intrusive thoughts.

But they soon built into noticeable physical changes, followed by a complete change in perception. It isn’t clear what you will become, but you can no longer deny that you are becoming something.

Do you fight the change? Embrace it? In either case, there is no stopping the transformation. Whatever you are becoming, it is inevitable. At best, you might be able to wrest enough control over yourself to spare those around you.


About the Game:

Transformation is a Kafkaesque, body-horror, solo RPG. Take on the role of an unfortunate soul whose body and mind are becoming something they cannot yet imagine.

As the game progresses, you will change, taking on both physical and mental monstrous changes. You’ll journal about the changes as you struggle to understand what’s happening and relate your understanding to those around you.

You are trapped in isolation with a companion. Your situation makes dealing with the transformation even more complex. Your companion won’t understand what you are going through, but to be fair, neither do you. As the change progresses, you begin feeling less like yourself. Your thoughts and emotions are not your own.

How to Play:

Transformation plays over seven in-game days. You use a standard deck of cards to determine what changes your character experiences and what events you encounter each day.

You divide the deck into three separate decks: clubs, spades, and then all the red cards together. Then, shuffle each deck and set it close by. Each in-game day has a new table of possible changes and events. The Clubs deck determines the changes you experience, while the Spades deck determines the events you encounter.

You have access to resources known as Mementos and Bonds. Mementos remind you of your humanity, while Bonds represent your relationship with your companion. Spending these can help you maintain control of your humanity and push an event toward a positive outcome. Be careful, though. Your Mementos and Bonds are limited, and there are few ways to replenish them.

Changes and events start small but escalate quickly. As your change progresses, your companion might embrace your new form, reject it, flee in terror, or even become your victim.

    Creator Credits:

    • Game Design: Will Thompson
    • Written by: Will Thompson and David Thomas
    • Edited by: Jacqueline Schlasner
    • Lead Playtester: Harley Raptor
    • Illustrations: Aster Kordona, Jason McNaughton, and Charlie Kim
    • Book Layout: Will Thompson

    Transformation Book: 88 pages, 8.5”x5.5”, full color, perfect bound book. Includes a digital PDF package including the book, notebook, and sticker sheets.

    The Deluxe Bundle also includes a physical copy of the Transformation Game Journal

    A custom-formatted notebook to record your Transformation adventure. The notebook should hold about four playthroughs of Transformation.

    Transformation Game Journal: 56 Pages, 8.5”x5.5”, black and white throughout, 80lb uncoated paper with a 100lb cover,staple-bound zine.  

    Format:Transformation Book + Digital Bundle
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