The Epic of Dreams
The Epic of Dreams

The Epic of Dreams

Epic of Dreams
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The Epic of Dreams is a setting-agnostic Fantasy Roleplaying Game requiring no dice, cards, or even character sheets! Embark with your companions upon a journey to worlds wild and strange, donning the hero’s plight and trial. Engage in Unbound Fantasy Roleplay, entering the legend with all your senses; unbound from the shackles of this realm. Its features include:

  • The Circle of the Muse, a unique risk mechanic that requires no dice or cards!
  • An easily accessible rules-lite system distilled to develop immersion
  • Setting-agnostic rules design that seamlessly adapts to any fantasy setting!
  • Engaging drama and soliloquy mechanics.
  • Brutal, tactical warfare combat.
  • An in-depth guide to the Sagacraft of epic poets.
  • The keys to mastering improvisational storytelling.
  • A comprehensive survey of real-world mythology, including:
    • 150 Classic Spells
    • 100 Omens
    • 250 Bestiary Entries

A soft-cover copy of the Core Rulebook for The Epic of Dreams: Unbound Fantasy Roleplaying Game! 

With the Circle of the Muse, you can play or run a full fledged epic fantasy saga without pens, paper, or dice!

Weighing in at 174 pages, the book is designed to teach immersive roleplay through distilled mechanics, and allows Game Masters to seamlessly spin their sagas in any setting they desire!


“Unlike anything else out there.” -Full Metal RPG
“Truly captures cooperative storytelling at it's best.” -Freakopolis Geekery