Mysteries of the Mists + PDF

Sinister creatures hiding in plain sight, cursed items steal pieces of you the longer you wield them, spells to delight and disarm.

Mysteries of the Mists is a collection of the new monstersspells, and magic items created for The Howling Caverns and Colossus Wake, packaged in one compact hardcover.

10 new monsters to challenge your players with, 4 new spells to encourage greater creativity in play, and 16 new magic items to get out of difficult situations.

10 terrifying new monsters:

  • Chittering mimic (CR 4): A terrifyingly nimble mimic variant that unleashes a stream of disorienting gibberish
  • Gelatinous pond (CR 4): Rarer and deadlier than their cuboid relations, able to hide in plain sight for years before striking
  • The Gharblest (CR 3): A terrifying mix of the ruthless ferocity of a goblin and the raw power of a Barghest
  • Qalupalik (CR 3): Slinking from the frozen sea to drag unsuspecting prey into the endless abyss
  • The Scarlet Jack (CR 21): The manifestation of a broken vow, heartless and unstoppable
  • Sendrak (CR 10): Nightmare made flesh in the twisted form of a dragon
  • Silvertongue (CR 5): Charming half-devil specialising in intrigue and subterfuge
  • Traitor’s Heart (CR 4): A black heart twisted by betrayal refuses to die; the heartbeat of death approaches
  • Violet pudding (CR 4): Magical corruption taken physical form, spreads chaos and death
  • Wereowl (CR 1): Swift and merciless but easily distracted by shiny things

4 versatile new spells:

  • Song of Steel (2nd)
  • Speak with Stone (1st)
  • Temper Weapon (2nd)
  • Words Take Flight (1st)

16 remarkable magic items:

  • Blade of the Norns: A sickle with the power to snip the threads of fate
  • Coronal of Insight: Crown of an eldritch being of nightmare bringing with it the curse of knowledge
  • Egil’s Fury: Enchanted longbow imbued with frost, fire, and lightning
  • The Elder Horn: Summon an ally or broadcast your intentions to the world
  • The Eye of Dawn: A morning star forged by the Sun god, destined to burn the undead
  • Formless Clay: Shape a small ally to fight by your side
  • Hardened Heart: Once-living heart twisted and corrupted by hatred hardens your own in turn
  • Indomitable Greataxe: Conquer the demon fear and overcome all odds
  • Mirror Shield: Deflect a magical force and reflect it upon your foe
  • Radiant Sphere: Dispel the darkness in a crash of brilliance
  • Raven Dirk: Vanish in a flurry of black feathers and reappear to deliver a fatal strike
  • The Scarlet Jack: A cursed coin and manifestation of the cost of a broken vow
  • The Scintillating Wren: Summon an enchanted bird to act as guide and familiar
  • Truemetal Circlet: Bestows ancient magical knowledge and power long thought lost
  • Volundr’s Chain: God-forged iron chain said to summon a soldier of flame
  • Wings of Steel: Glide on the winds with these exquisite dwarven bracers

A5 size, hardcover case bound or perfect bound softcover, mixed black/white and colour interior. 

Format:Hardcover + PDF
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