Inferno Trilogy Bundle

The Inferno Trilogy

An occult, multipart dimension-spanning campaign for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. Pilot your ship through the heavens and into a trench warfare purgatory, escaping only into a fiery and fleshy hellscape.

Track the coordinates of the 3rd Testament transmission to a raging corporate fleet battle and navigate tactical dogfights in Wrath of God. Navigate a wilted, ritual warzone aboard the generation ship Within Wheels in The Drain. Enter a flesh portal and seek Hell itself, confronting grotesque demons and twisted angels in Meat Grinder.

These adventures bring you all new ways to play Mothership, tons of hackable materials for your home campaigns, and mind-bending art from industry legends including:

  • DCC-influenced level-0 funnel rules for Mothership.
  • Tactical, hex-based spaceship dogfighting rules and procedures.
  • Dozens of terrifying new monsters, hostile corporate agents, and enemy spacecraft.
  • Demonic artifacts and mutations, occult weapons and powerful ship modules.
  • Illustrations by Sean McCoy, Andrew Walter, Dirk Leichty, Codex Noirmatic, and more!

The Inferno Trilogy includes:

  • Wrath of God, a full color tri-fold pamphlet.
  • The Drain, a 16-page full color A5 zine.
  • Meat Grinder, a 20-page full color A5 zine.
  • Within Wheels, a bonus 4” x 6” art card.

    More about what is included: 

    Wrath of God

    A distant sector glows with the fires of war, atmosphere bleeding from broken fleets ferrying sound over once vacuous space. Corporate armadas and huddled masses make first pilgrimage to a newborn holy land. Cross these gloried theatres to enter His siren’s roost.

    Wrath of God is a spaceship-bound hex crawl through a corporate warzone for the Mothership sci-fi horror RPG. It briefs the Warden with everything you need to effortlessly run a perilous space combat One-Shot, including:

    • New tools and procedures for quick and strategic spaceship dogfighting, easily applied to any space combat scenario.
    • 5 fearsome bogeys on your six, each with devious combat tactics, weaknesses on scans, and unique comms responses.
    • A gorgeous pixel art battlefield map to navigate, complete with 10 uncanny Locations of Interest.
    • Tables of NPCs and hazards to complicate battlefield navigation with new challenges and objectives.
    • Printable handout maps for players to chart and explore.

    This fully standalone adventure optionally prequels the Mothership funnel scenarios The Drain and Meat Grinder for a contiguous three-part campaign.

    A trifold, full color pamphlet table ready for One-Shot blockade running, with hackable mechanics for campaign play. Easily adapted to your sci-fi RPG of choice.

    Written by Ian Yusem
    Cartography by Ribston Pippin
    Cover Art by Joshua Clark
    Layout by Eric K. Hill

    A trifold, full color pamphlet. PDF included.  


    The Drain

    A tense level-0 funnel adventure for the Mothership sci-fi horror RPG set in a combat-ravaged farming habitat.

    Each player runs 4-5 level-0 prisoner-soldiers through the hellish battlefield of the colony ship Within Wheels. Their mission: win freedom by acquiring a legendary religious relic at the behest of their corporate jailors, PrayCo.

    The Drain takes a WWI influenced war-as-hell meat grinder and mashes it with bleak, occult survival horror themes drawn from video games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Darkwood. This zine is packed with everything you need to churn out a crop of battle hardened level-1 characters from level-0 rabble, including:
    • Brand new rules for running carnage-filled funnels in Mothership.
    • A funnel crawl map by Andrew Walter, gorgeously illuminated to chart the party's movement through the conical space.
    • Vicious new items to arm your mob of funnel PCs.
    • Art on every spread, including illustrations from Mothership creator Sean McCoy.
    Originally funded by over 1400 backers on Kickstarter, this full release brings you a host of awesome bonus content including:
    • Card-sized funnel character sheets (PDF), complete with 20 delightful character portraits by Evlyn Moreau for your players to fight over.
    • 10 harrowing battlefield comms audio props to use at your table.
    Written by Ian Yusem
    Illustrated by Sean McCoy and Andrew Walter
    Edited and Developed by Fiona Maeve Geist
    Layout and Cover Art by Christian Kessler

    16 pages, full color, saddle-stitched A5 zine. Includes PDF. 


    Meat Grinder

    The gate to Hell opens! Private prisoner reformation company PrayCo wields an unholy artifact, breaching the walls of reality to a nightmare world of agony and smoldering brimstone. Brave the flesh portal to explore phantasmagoric domains never before tread by mortal souls.

    Meat Grinder is an adventure through Hell itself for the Mothership sci-fi horror RPG. It equips the intrepid Warden with everything you need to run a terrifying campaign through roiling fleshscapes, including:

    • 8 infernal locations to explore, pillage and lament.
    • 10+ new wretched monsters to stalk your sessions and dreams.
    • Quandaries of the soul: diabolic and heavenly faction play.
    • Temptations of the flesh: hellish mutations, anti-relics and demonic artifacts.
    • Twisted visions of Hell from illustrator Daniel Vega (aka CODEX NOIRMATIC).

    This fully standalone adventure optionally continues the Mothership scenarios Wrath of God and The Drain for a contiguous three-part campaign.

    Table ready for One-Shot excursions or short Campaigns. Easily adapted to your sci-fi RPG of choice.

    Meat Grinder was inspired by Doom, Quake, Event Horizon, Mystery Flesh Pit National Park and other hellish works.

    Written by Sigmacastell
    Illustrated by Daniel Vega
    Map Illustrations by Sigmacastell
    Editing and Development by Ian Yusem
    Layout and Design by Meredith Silver
    Published by Ian Yusem

    20 pages, A5, full color zine. PDF included.  

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